BEL AMI Wins Three Top Awards at Chicago GRABBYS Awards

FOUR of the BEST OF BEL AMI were in Chicago this past weekend for the Annual GRABBY AWARDS and created quite a sensation! People lined up out the doors of clubs, just to get in and mingle with the beautiful men of Europe! And let me tell you, they are equally as beautiful in person, as they appear on film – and all, so nice!

BEL AMI superstar KRIS EVANS won
Best Cock – Hottest Uncut in the world 2011

Kris came to us when he was 18 years old through our Hungarian office. At the time he was very boyish. He now has three different looks: his first pictures, then his return with shorter hair and sideburns, and his current style. He looks like three different people. “I wanted him very badly when he first came to us, but he was extremely reluctant to shoot anything,” G. Duroy recalls. “Eventually he told me that he was still a virgin and did not want to lose his virginity to a boy on camera. He felt he was heterosexual. I told him to give us a call down the road and I am glad he did.”

During the winter of ’09, he resurfaced and indicated an interest to work on film, so obviously he had worked out his virginity issues. Despite his youth and having grown up in a very small town, Kris is well aware of his worth. “He is one of the very few who has it all: intelligent and ambitious, good looks, beautiful dick, great cumshots, a great kisser, wonderful body. It was obvious from day one it would work out,” George says.
In the beginning, Kris had a lot of preconceived notions about sex and what is wrong or right about life in general. With time and a little maturity he is not quite so rigid, but he still waffles back and forth between his small-town upbringing and the larger world. Otherwise, he is quite sensual with a strong sexual identity. He loves assplay. So even though he professes heterosexuality, George hears about his private behavior with our other models and therefore believes there is more than just a passing interest in boys.

George believes Kris has the potential to eventually transition behind the camera as a camera operator or editor. He has a natural interest along these lines, just like Lukas Ridgeston. In the meantime, he has expanded his worldview by traveling the planet with Bel Ami, including to the U.S. and Cape Town, South Africa. During such a trip in the spring of 2010, a vindictive fan outed Kris to the media. His story was splashed across the local and national news for days and we believed Kris would leave us. After some time in contemplation, during which time he was counseled by George (who has seen this kind of exposure happen to other models), Kris came to peace with the exposure and remains a part of the Bel Ami family.


Award 2 – Best International Movie – Too Big To Fail

He was in financial distress, we bailed him out. Trevor Yates (above) stars in this tribute to the Wall Street rescue. Who better to call Too Big To Fail?


Award 3 –
Best European Theme Website – BelAmiOnline

 Well of course! Breathtaking Bel Ami boys! And their stable is growing at leaps and bounds. European erotica to warm your heart and heat the rest. Thousands of hardcore pics, hundreds of video clips and more and more.

Since 1993 George Duroy has grown Bel Ami into a world force to be reconked with. Growing and expanding the brand worldwide to be one the top producers in the world.

  and The Best of Bel!



For behind the scenes and party pics of Kris Evans, Kevin Warhol, Dolph Lambert and Jean Daniel Chagalle, check out our facebook page.

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