Lukas Ridgestone – Vintage BEL AMI Flashback

Simply put, Lukas Ridgeston is the face of Bel Ami.

It is difficult to properly describe the impact he has had on the company and in the lives of those who work here, starting with George Duroy himself. He has mesmerized and captivated the hearts (and groins) of adoring legions of fans around the world, and his fame remains potent despite the fact that his final erotic performance (“Lukas in Love,” of course!) was released in 2005.

Bel Ami customers have seen Lukas cameo in a number of our documentaries as a cameraman, and he works behind the scenes with us to this day. We asked George to descibe Lukas and he provided a litany: “His startling blue eyes, a chiseled body, his ejaculations from that [more] beautiful penis, and undeniable charisma that radiates from him, and that comes from him naturally.”

Fans will be happy to know that Lukas today has maintained his fantastic physique and that he appears just as handsome as ever (Johan Paulik likes to tease him, a true meterosexual, for the amount of time he devotes to personal hygiene and grooming). Lukas is one of the most popular and recognizable porn models in the world, and thus it can become a challenge to protect his privacy.

In 1999 he was named by “Unzipped” magazine in the U.S. as among the top-ten porn stars of all time (“….there may be no more beautiful man alive”), and in 2000, Lukas and Johan were inducted in the GAYVN Hall of Fame. Despite this adulation and occasional frenzy, Lukas graduated from university with a degree in architecture. “Beauty and brains, and also genuinely humble. If anyone would be considered boyfriend material, it would be Lukas,” George says.

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