The Peters Twins at Bel Ami

As alike as Milo and Elijah Peters appear onscreen, in person they are even more eerily similar. You can’t tell one from another. “I’ve seen many twins who are alike, or alike enough. But the Peters twins are one person in two bodies,” George Duroy says. “Each is a mirror image of the other. They respond, react and think in unison. They even move in unison. I can’t imagine how they would ever separate.”
They have very nice personalities. Unfortunately, being so similar and with such beautiful bodies, they are quite visible. Someone in their previous school found out they were working for Bel Ami and made life difficult for them for a time. And they are not from a big city, so everyone soon found out. The good news is they continued working and were not put off (they graduated in 2009). “On a certain level there is an innocence with them,” George recalls. “There are certain concepts that just don’t enter their thinking at all. When you see them, you have to smile because to be around them is quite an experience.” Milo and Elijah are among the stars of Lukas Ridgeston’s new line for
Bel Ami.

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