Keith Johansson – New Arrival from BEL AMI STUDIOS

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Bel Ami is a Bratislava-based pornographic film company established by George Duroy,in 1993,  who is Slovak. (His name is a pseudonym, based on the name of the protagonist Georges Duroy from Guy de Maupassant’s novel Bel Ami.) “Bel Ami” means “beautiful friend” in French.

Besides hard and softcore videos, Bel Ami has also released several calendars and photo books, like Howard Roffman’s The Boys of Bel Ami (2006).

BelAmi is responsibile for launching the careers of names such as Lukas Ridgeston, Johan Paulik, Brandon Manilow and Dolph Lambert.

In June 2009 Bel Ami entered a marketing partnership with Corbin Fisher, a competing pornography studio. Bringing together hotties from the United States and the gorgeous men of Bel Ami.

More recently BelAmi has achieved notoriety with the twins Elijah and Milo Peters , who have performed together in a variety of scenes. Bel Ami is aggressively marketing the video Taboo, which shows them having full-blown unprotected anal intercourse with each other.

Popular films over the years include –

Lukas’ Story [1994]
Frisky Summer 1,2,3 [1995,1996,1998]
An American in Prague [1997]
The 101 Men series [1998-2002]
The Personal Trainers series [2001- to date]
Greek Holiday [2004]
Pretty Boy [2004]
Lukas in Love [2005]
Pillow Talk 1,2,3 [2006]
Undressed Rehearsals [2007]
Rebel [2007]
The Private Life of Brandon Manilow [2008]
French Kiss [2008]
Seriously Sexy [2009]
Taboo [2010]
5 Americans in Prague [2010]
Seriously Sexy 2 [2010]

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