Bel Ami Behind the Scenes Documentary

BEL AMI has really built something very special. They have done something, no other porn studio in the world has done. They have built a true family of talent. These boys travel the world together, cook, party, play – they are each others best friend.

And that’s what I like about their site. There are ton’s a extras and behind the scenes – giving fan’s a glimpse into a DAY IN THE LIFE of a Bel Ami boy!

On their recent 3 month stay in South Africa, some of the boys began to learn English. And it’s so sweet to hear them try to communicate.  Kevin expressed how stressed he was about the test – and he scored a 58% – one of the highest scores – and he was so proud and excited.

You can spend days looking at all of the footage in the Backstage area. It shows the guys as real every day guys – and you can’t help but love their energy and zest for life!


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