Robert Pattinson Naked and Nude in new BEL AMI movie

A picture of  “TWILIGHT” hunk Robert Pattinson in nothing but his birthday suit  made its round last year – from his film LITTLE  ASHES. Displaying the 22-year-old while he stands naked in front of a mirror.

As you probably know – many people are getting  BEL AMI from Europe – mixed up with the BEL AMI movie coming out this year. The movie, which is based on an 1885 novel by French author Guy de
Maupassant, will feature plenty of nudity from Rob as he plays   “a morally ambiguous journalist who gradually rises from rags to
riches among the Paris elite thanks to his various connections to
powerful and wealthy mistresses.”

You know what that means — lots of naked time between the sheets.

think there’s a lot of my crack in it,” he told MTV News, though said he
said he hasn’t seen a final cut of the movie yet. “I think there’s
quite a bit of nudity.”

The release date is not firm.  Word is Feb. 2012  in  Europe –

 I am sure the version in Europe will contain more nudity than the US  version.

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