ERIK BOUNA – The Bel Ami Interviews in Budapest

On our recent trip to Prague and Budapest, we had the opportunity to get a tour of one of Bel Ami’s studios and hang out with four of their models on a Saturday afternoon!  How lucky were we?!

The boys were all wonderfully charming, very nice and very down to earth. No attitude and  even more beautiful in person!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share some interviews we had with the guys. Some of them spoke English – some spoke none – and we had a translater.

First up –  Erik Bouna  age 24, he has been  with Bel Ami  for about  3 years –  took English courses in school and speaks pretty well.   Cock is 17.5  but  very  thick!

Erik explains, “I was discovered on a Facebook-type site, here in Hungary. A scout discovered me and I got this email. I was very interested, because I had a strong interest in becoming a fashion model.  But so many companies, wanted money from me. So, I was intrigued!”

Erik is a special case. He comes from a small city close to Budapest and when he first appeared in our offices for a casting he was almost trembling with fear and anxiety. After 17 years, you develop some instincts and despite his severe neurotics I told myself he could be a very sensual performer,” G. Duroy says.

His Biggest turn on?  Erik says, “ I just like sex- like it all. I like all sex. Boy or girl. I love to be sucked…slowly.  When I first met George, he wanted me to top. Because of my thick cock. But after some shoots, George felt I did not make a good top – so I started to bottom. And I had no experience with guys, ever!  But the studio and actors were very patient with me, showing me how to do things, and how to relax,  now, it is no problem,  I am very comfortable and relaxed and enjoy being bottom! I enjoy it very much!!”


For almost a year we couldn’t get a usable performance out of him. He was too nervous. And yet he really had an ambition to do it. He wanted to be a porn star. Many of my collaborators thought I am crazy because we shot him ten times with no result,” George says.

In the end, it happened. Something clicked and now he is first class. But he really made me work for it!” Erik  is fully bisexual with a big dick and enjoys sexual experimentation. He is quite bright and is preparing to become a personal trainer. He also works as an assistant in the Budapest office.


See more  at  CLUB  BEL  AMI

(Erik Bouna here with Paul Mekas – who has a very big cock!!)

See more  at  CLUB  BEL  AMI

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