Bel Ami and Kristen Bjorn Create a Foreskin Feast


OMG ! BEL AMI plus KRISTEN BJORN. I just watched SEX CITY 1&2, over the last few days. WOW! Foreskin everywhere!  


SEX CITY features a cast of 18 of the sizzling Latin and Eastern European models from both studios – Dennis DNello, Maikel Cash, Dolph Lambert, Dario Dolce, Sascha Chaykin, Manuel Rios, Bruno Jones, Alex Orioli, Gael Goceva, Bradon Manilow, Benjamin Bloom, Elijah Peters, Milo Peters, Christian Herzog, Lucio Saints, Nicolas Taxman, Vadim Farell, Scott Carter.


This movie is HOT! Young European Bel Ami models and Kristen Bjorn’s Latin muscle men are great combination. Each Friday , they have been posting a new scenes for members only , before the film was launched on DVD or VOD, this month. 4 and half hours of foreskin and beauty!
2 DVDS, $109.  

The Combo Double DVD version includes the following extras:

  • 30 day membership (or membership extension) with the purchase of the two-part bundle

  • Filmed in HD

  • Widescreen format

  • A cumshot review

  • A photo gallery

  • A Behind The Scenes Gallery

  • Extended previews of SEX CITY, Parts 1-2

  • Total value of $175 for just $109.95
  Kristen Bjorn and BelAmiOnline collaborated in creating an exotic eruption of man-sex combining the hottest Eastern European and Latin studs from both studios! Set in Barcelona, Spain, Sex City, Parts 1&2 is guaranteed to blow you away in more ways than one!


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