George Duroy and the Bel Ami Empire

 George Duroy
is a Slovak native who took his pseudonym from the protagonist Georges Duroy in Guy de Maupassant’s novel Bel Ami.

 Bel Ami was originally created as an American company and moved to Central Europe only after George W. Bush declared eradicating pornography to be one of his priorities. The whole company is still run according to the American regulations, and all the systems are in English. Now, BEL AMI is known around the world!

George Duroy says, “ I first used the Bel Ami  name in May 1991, but I started the company only in the fall of 1993 after shooting my first film, Tender Strangers.”

Tender Strangers starred LUKAS RIDGESTONE!  Need we say more?!

Lukas had the perfect EVERYTHING to bring international attention to BEL AMI.

In 2005  Lukas made his final appearance as an actor but he is still very much involved with Bel Ami as a cameraman, editor and director of Internet episodes.

BEL AMI   launched many careers. JAKUB STEFANO (below –  aka Dominque Bouquet) is another model that started with Bel Ami but then left the nest.

I think if Jakub had stayed with Bel Ami, under George Duroy’s guidance, he would have become HUGE. He is a personal trainer these days  in BRON, not far from Bratislava, and has appeared on several US sites. 

 He still has a popular following and performs live often on a Web Cam Site . And has many fans on his blog .

Back to George and Bel Ami…. model selection is EVERYTHING.  For every 100 models that apply, only one has the “it” factor. 

George says, “In the beginning, when I was shooting stills, I put ads in the newspaper, and that was very successful; too succesful, in fact, because although tons of guys answered the ads, few were useable.

So I realized that if I wanted to get good models, I must go out, find them, and approach them personally. If I see somebody I really like, I don’t start by going up to him and offering him a job in erotic films; I just ask if he’d be interested in either posting for photographs or being an extra in a video (in the larger productions we do use a lot of extras). Since Bel Ami doesn’t just produce hard-core erotica, we can also use models for solo photography
.” –

This is very true. As a photographer myself in Chicago , 99% of the guys who come to me really don’t have the “it” factor. Our best models are the ones we hand pick off the streets, who probably have never even been in front of a camera before.


 George also says, “Most of Bel Ami’s models are between eighteen and twenty-one age range. About half of them are middle-class university students; very few are “street kids”. All of them do this because they are interested in making extra money; none would think of doing this for a “career”.

Bel Ami finds its models in Eastern Europe where I believe people are very sexual and where sex plays a major role in people’s daily lives. Eastern Europeans don’t share the American concepts of what is gay, what is heterosexual and what is bisexual.

Although I have unfortunately found that models whose preferences are for other men are more difficult to work with, I don’t hire models based on their orientation. It doesn’t matter to me if he is homo-, hetero-, or bi-, only that he is sexual. All that having been said, it’s true that almost all of Bel Ami’s models live an outwardly heterosexual life-style; what they enjoy sexually is quite another matter, that much is obvious from viewing the videos.”
  more  from  George in MANDATE .

Bel Ami has grown and changed with the times for sure.  George told Towleroad, ” In the winter of 2008, my feelings about the future and quality of gay porn were quite pessimistic. The problem was, I didn’t pay any attention to our Web property. I didn’t even have a computer at home.

When I got our 2008 financial report, it was clear to me that I either had to start paying attention or I’d face forced retirement along the lines of COLT—even though BelAmiOnline’s numbers were still better than any other in the industry. But to be better than COLT or Falcon can’t be considered a victory. It’s like thinking that being aboard the Lusitania is safer than the Titanic.”

So I spent half a year making drastic changes and reading all the unflattering comments on forums without getting resentful. In June 2009, we released a new site. In June 2010, our membership was seventy percent up and traffic had more than doubled—to one million individual visitors a month. So, of course, I am less gloomy now. Even our DVD numbers are up, and that came as a real surprise to me. I guess that the fact that a lot of our competitors are out of the picture helped.

What’s happening in the business now is a real massacre, no doubt about it. But not all the pigs are being slaughtered. The biggest swine are dying, but many sucklings are doing just fine. Commercial porn won’t disappear, but after this is over, the whole porn business will be a VERY different place.”

Not only has Duroy paid attention to the Internet but also to partnerships. He has shared his models with photographers such as Howard Roffman to do calendars and coffee table books and has formed partnerships with studios like Corbin Fisher, HotHouse and more recently DOMINIC FORD who is a pioneer in 3d porn!

And no other site offers all of this!

  • Always the very cutest guys from central Europe and around the world

  • Updates 6 times every week

  • 3 exclusive video updates each week, hundreds of videos in the archive

  • The very best quality in streaming and download formats.

  • Downloads for your iPod or other portable device

  • New high resolution photosets each week. Hundreds in the archive.
    Download the whole ZIP file for your convenience

  • Weekly bonus content from Corbin Fisher’s Amateur College Men

  • Regular bonus content and special offers from our friends at HotHouse

  • Preferential pricing in our DVD store and VOD site

  • New casting every week

  • Fresh sets of images from our movies each week

  • Reviews for all our movies

  • Customizable design and layout for the website

  • Space to save all your favorites for easy viewing later

  • Free access to  forum

  • Free access to  exclusive dating site BelAmiLounge

  • Free access to  backstage section

  • Special access to toy shop

  • Special offers from our partners and friends

  • Regular competitions with prizes like DVDs and free movie rentals

  • Access to  helpdesk whenever you may have a problem or need some assistance

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