The Bel Ami Interviews – Julian Hussey

Talk about FUCKING adorable!  We  met  Julian Hussey  last  summer in Budapest.  He smiles constantly. And even though he barely spoke English, he did not want the interview to end. He was so nice. And so gracious. And SO HANDSOME.

Lovely Julien is our sensual, impish sex machine from Budapest. He started off quite well with us when he earned the cover of “Eye Contact,” for which he was directed by Lukas Ridgeston. He continues to be quite a rising star with Bel Ami. Julien’s excellent episode with Evan Cobb shows off hidden reserves of sexual kinkiness and confidence. We’ve learned that he has had quite a few wild erotic adventures despite his youth (one of his favorites is having sex with his then-girlfriend and her sister at the same time). And yet he will blush when recounting these hedonistic tales, a facet of his personality that George Duroy finds adorable and endearing.

An avid sportsman, Julien started off his [more] career with the nom-de-porn “Pablo Suarez.” George thought the name was a bit ridiculous and changed it. He has matured and broadened his worldview by traveling frequently with Bel Ami, and continues to expand his horizons, sexually, in one popular episode after another.

Julian was scouted in the streets when he was 17!  So he had to wait 1 year, until he was 18 to start working.

3 years now. At 21 already thinking ahead….

“I would like to be like Johan  and  always be with BelAmi. I love this family. It is good job security”

 When asked about sex – he  says

I like to suck…I like cum!   I like to  bottom – and I like  groups!  Laughs – I like it all!    Trevor  Yates…. he was BIG!

see more  of  Julian!  

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