Bel Ami Interviews from Budapest with Vadim Farrell

24  years  old,   19.5cm-20cm  length,  But Vadim Farrell says, “I  would like a  thicker cock!”

But as Erik Bouna can attest, “NO NO!”  he  says, “It’s plenty thick enough, TRUST ME!”  and the boys both laugh!

We got to hang out with some of the Bel Ami guys this summer. They are all such good friends. It’s really like a family. It’s not just about the porn.

And their privacy is protected as much as possible.

While they are Celebrities in the US!   The Bel Ami image is still  very  controlled in Europe.  The internet site is blocked out of some countries – including Czech Republic   Slovakia   and  Hungary. And movies are not allowed there  – for their privacy.  However they do get recognized!    Erik  says   he was spotted in New York City recently, by a fan. But while at home in Budapest, they can live a pretty quiet life.

Vadim is a Hungarian model who comes from a small-town, blue-collar family. After more than a year of filming, G. Duroy feels Vadim finally learned to relax and blossomed into a first-class model. (His surname comes from the actor Colin Farrell, as you might guess.)

He is athletic with a beautiful face, bright blue eyes and sensual lips, and a big dick. George is fond of recalling that when he and Vadim first met he said, with complete sincerity, “I always knew I would be making money with my good looks.” Unfortunately, he has a friend with a gay brother who very quickly learned about Vadim’s erotic career and immediately spread the word in their small town. “Of course, it is always some gay idiot who makes trouble,” George recalls.

Vadim ultimately decided to move to Budapest early in 2010 and became much more available to Bel Ami. “He has a beautiful, round, bubble-butt and believe me, bottoming does not hurt him at all,” George says. “Originally, he had it stuck in his head that bottoming was too passive and feminine for a man. ‘It hurts my pride,’ he would tell me.” However, after his pride had been wounded even more in his hometown, George learned this issue about bottoming would not be an issue now that he needed to earn more money to live. Vadim’s fantastic physique makes him quite popular among those customers who appreciate muscle.

Vadim says, “I LOVE to be rimmed!  It feels  so good!” And he enjoys having guy-on-guy sex with his buddies – but does not really consider himself gay. It seems Europe is not so hung up on labels. “All sex is good –  it makes you feel good!”

Most people do not realize that a 20 minute storyline may take 4-5 even 6 hours to film.  They are very professional on the set – and when they know they have a shoot coming up, they abstain from sex, a bit. “I only need a day or 2!    I like when I have a lot of sperm! I like to spray very big loads! ”  said Vadim


He watches the final movies to learn from his mistakes – or how to be better on screen and grow.


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