Julien Hussey at BEL AMI in Budapest Hungary

We are so excited –  next month we travel from the US  to Prague and Budapest!
And BEL AMI has a studio in Budapest and we are coordinating a tour, we’ll be taking photos of models hopefully and doing some interviews!

 An intimate chat with    JULIEN HUSSEY

Brand-new Hungarian hunk, Julien Hussey, was interviewed for the first time at Bel Ami’s studio in Budapest with Peter David serving as translator. Soon, George Duroy joined the conversation and playfully teased Julien about some of his extracurricular activities (take a guess as to what that could be…) The 19-year-old’s boyish good looks and smooth, athletic frame pack plenty of hidden power and sex appeal; George feels he is one of Bel Ami’s secret weapons for 2011 and beyond.

BAOL: Tell us about your background.

JH: I am half-Cuban. My mother is half-Caribbean, from Cuba, and my father is Hungarian. I was born in Budapest.

BAOL: Do you have any hobbies?

JH: I am a big fan of extreme sports. A couple of years ago I was a very big fan of inline skating. Sports are extremely important to me. I also played water polo.

BAOL: That’s a tough, grueling sport.

JH: Oh, yes. When I was younger I was into power-lifting and finished third in a European Union competition. At home I have 19 cups or trophies for different sports. Also medals for power-lifting.

BAOL: You’re muscular now, but lean.

JH: It was three years ago when I was lifting weights.

[George Duroy calls from the next room.] He is so strong. Ask if he can lift me!

JH: I think so, yes [laughs].

How did you come to Bel Ami?

JH: I was on the street and one of the scouts came to me and picked me up, but I was only 17 years old. The scout kept my information and waited until I was 18 and contacted me again to start my career. I was 18 years old only one day when I started working for Bel Ami. My first work was a photo shoot in Croatia, outdoors with a very nice car. [He speaks to Peter in Hungarian.]

Peter David: He is saying he also shot an episode in Croatia with another boy, also Hungarian. This will be seen probably in January.

[George Duroy now enters the room and engages Julien in conversation in Czech and Hungarian, via Peter David. The conversation soon grows animated and George begins to laugh, as Julien shrugs and grins.]

GD: Julien is talking about his sexual adventures before coming to Bel Ami. [To Julien] Perhaps we should bring in a girl to recreate these adventures for a heterosexual episode?

JH: If you wish… [He speaks to Peter in Hungarian.]
Peter David: Several girls!

GD: [Laughing] That’s right. Julien told the story of his girlfriend at the time and her older sister and having sex with them both at once. He likes the thrill of being discovered, or potentially being caught. This would be a very unusual episode for Bel Ami should we choose to recreate it.

Peter David: He says he would like to do this!

BAOL: Please ask how he feels to be an object of desire.

JH: I don’t feel too much like a movie star yet because I am at the beginning of my career. Not too many people have recognized me.

George Duroy: We are saving his materials for bad times, when we need him to rescue the company.

JH: People can know almost everything about me, that’s okay. I am not shy. Of course inside me there are two or three things which I do not want to share and will discuss only with my best friends.

George Duroy: Yes, that you are a gypsy…

BAOL: Are you an exhibitionist?
JH: Oh yes, of course. When you see my work, you can see that I am not shy.

BAOL: Now that you’ve had some experience, how do photo shoots compare with shooting episodes?

JH: Photo shoots are much more relaxing. I feel better now about shooting videos, but in the beginning it was very hard for me.

George Duroy: Not anymore!

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