More 3d from BEL AMI

BEL Ami’s ongoing exploration into the possibilities of sexplay filmed in luscious 3D continues with a match-up one might consider an example of an irresistible force (Dario) meeting an immovable object (Kris). Let us know what you think about two of our most virile superstars doing what they do best.
This is the 4th on our series of 3D video clips. Filmed in Ibiza in April 2010 at a secluded luxury villa. In April we will be releasing all scenes on the very first full 3D gay porn Blu Ray disc.

Red & Blue 3D – Members will have to use a special pair of 3D glasses to view the content, which will be shown with traditional 3D effects that split the image into red and blue. To view the scene in 3D you will need Red & Blue Anaglyph 3D glasses which can be purchased from your local Electronics or Computer Accessories store, or if you already have a pair at home, they should be fine. We advise you to download the file and play it in the viewer of you choice.

Active 3D ­-The Active 3D version is for download only and must be viewed on a 3D TV with Active 3D glasses. This version is ONLY for people with a 3D TV or monitor and you will need to set your 3D option to ‘Left/Right’on your TV.


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