The Peters Twins – Exclusively at Bel Ami


Ok – not really, just in my wettest dreams!
Heck I just want to get between them and fuck and suck with them!

They are the HOTTEST, most talked about, most controversial stars of this century!

Gay Twin Brothers WHO DO IT ALL!

AND They really do LOVE EACH OTHER!

They tell Johan , “We had our first sexual experience at the age of 15. However, we both are bisexual. Only a little later we found out that we are strongly attracted to each other. So we started fooling around with each other. But let me say, the older we get, the less interest in women we have.

We both love sex, that’s for sure. We’re very spontaneous and don’t like to plan ahead. We just do whatever we feel doing and we always enjoy it. Except for really sick things, we don’t mind doing anything. And we like the camera to be at it.”

“sadly, once people find out we like each other and that we have sex together, they always act in a very negative way. They laugh at us and spread the gossip.

But we don’t care about them, the main thing is we feel comfortable and happy.”

“We have absolutely no problem having sex with each other in front of the camera. If we ever get a chance to film everything and make a good movie, we’re definitely into it!

We do everything together. We don’t need anyone else, if we don’t want to. We love a healthy lifestyle and therefore we go regularly to a gym.Some people look for their soul mates for their whole lives, but we have had one since our birth.”

We’ll always be the Bel Ami boys! The only exception is if Bel Ami
collaborates with some other studios.
we really care about our fans and we want to do our best to keep them happy!”



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  1. Kevin says:

    These two are SO HOT! I would pay for an hour with them!!

  2. zhenimsja says:

    Hello, comrade! I’m totally acclaim that way of assessment and everything connected.

  3. bimeNivefUm says:

    Thank You For This Blog, was added to my bookmarks.

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