Lukas (Lucas) Ridgeston and the Beginnings of Bel Ami

were a match
made in heaven!

Simply put, Lukas Ridgeston is a gay porn superstar. Bel Ami defined the gay porn star ideal when they unleashed Lukas Ridgeston and his sculpted face, defined body, and enormous cock on the gay porn movie loving public.

It was Lukas who helped establish George Duroy and Bel Ami as the elite gay video production company of the day. The object of countless guys’ fantasies and nothing short of sexual perfection, Lukas Ridgeston truly is a top caliber of gay porn star!

Lukas Ridgeston (often misspelled as Lucas Ridgeston) is a Slovakian actor  born in Bratislava. He was an actor with Bel Ami for about 11 years. In 2005 he made his final appearance as an actor but he is still very much involved with Bel Ami as a cameraman, editor and director of Internet episodes.

5’10”, 175 pounds, Lukas is well-known for those piercing blue eyes, among other things. His eyes have mesmerized thousands of us since we first saw him on film and it is his sultry and seductive eyes that have kept us coming (and cumming) back for more! 

He has been called the “Hottest Porn Star of All Time”,  and  is one of the most famous gay porn models of all time.

Discovered by a scout for Bel Ami in 1993 while he was lounging on the beach in his home country of Slovakia, Ridgeston was reluctant at first to pose nude for the camera. Lukas says, “when a model scout asked me while I was at a local beach if I would like to model for some photographs. He said I would make a couple of naked pictures and so I eventually agreed.  I was very shy back then and it took George Duroy a lot of time to convince me to start doing films.

On one hand I was very shy, but on the other I was always very sexual and was excited about it. So I think the mixture of these two feelings resulted in it looking how it looks.”

Still gorgeous, (and charming)
18 years later!

He says, “I direct, shoot and edit my own stuff for the internet. It began in 2003, I think. In the beginning shooting for the website and movies were separated. The clips were only five minutes long, then ten minutes, then longer and longer. That was where I started to shoot and prepare my own stuff as a director.

Last year and this year the best of the internet scenes were put on DVD. This year we made a cooperation with Hammer Films and Rolf Hammerschmidt. We first release scenes on Bel Ami’s website  and then they release the movie. The first one was “Intimate Liaisons .”

When asked what lies ahead for him, Lukas says, “Gee, I really don’t know. It depends on many things, I think I’ll be shooting and editing for the next hundred years!

I have enjoyed meeting so many  nice people who are kind to me and smiling, and I have the feeling that I have made a lot of people happy 🙂 

 If they’re nice to me it is a good experience. Sometimes people don’t know where the proper boundaries are between the porn star and the person.   Fortunately it is not so often. 
I always feel good if people are nice to me and when I see they are happy because of me. It gives me energy, you know? I feel a lot of good energy coming to me all the time. I am very lucky.”

So the moral to his story?

Be good to people, make love,
smile and enjoy sex!”

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