Mark Aubrey and Joel D’amici HOT COUPLE at BEL AMI

We hear Mark Aubrey’s name and think: “Sexy boy!” George Duroy recalls that when Mark first arrived in Bel Ami’s offices, “he had the kind of body I really loved. It was well-proportioned and tight.” Mark was a cyclist and could talk fluently about sports. He is also the most literate and well-read model with whom we have ever worked. Mark earned a university degree in computer sciences and then went on the graduate from law school. “If there was one model who was totally compatible with my very French sense of humor, it was him,” George recalls.

Joel D’amici is another of our brightest models. He holds degrees in business from two renowned universities, and speaks fluent English, German and Dutch. Joel reorganized the Prague offices for us some years ago. Despite some excellent episodes, George Duroy feels that Joel was never filmed as a top properly. “I feel like I never filmed his sexual reality,” he says.


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