BEL AMI coffee table books ON SALE


These are from my personal collection  and are in excellent  condition!


Readers have never seen Bel Ami like this!
BREATHTAKING  PHOTOS – lots  of nudes  and  close  ups!

Renowned photographer Benno Thoma shoots the boys of world-famous male model company Bel Ami, showing Lukas, Tommy and all others in perfect glory.
 Set against lavish backdrops and in masterfully composed exotic settings, these images are emotional like never before.
Together with a horde of well-built boys, some of the most famous names from the Bel Ami stable pose for grandiose solo portraits and in dreamy group scenes full of passion – a milestone in gay photography.
 current average price is  $395.
Selling  for  $275  and free shipping in the US

Howard Roffman   THE  BOYS OF BEL AMI

GORGEOUS sexy loving playful black and white  images  of the boys  of  bel ami
The time has come the Bel Ami boys met Howard Roffman; two of the most famous names of homoeroticism came together and created a new classic of male photographic art. Roffman has successfully captured emphatic black-and-white images of the boys of Bel Ami, who are obviously having a wonderful time showing off!
big  11 x  11.5″  book
very heavy!
Lots  of  meat and potatoes  🙂
Selling for  $225  plus  free shipping  in  US


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